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You Will Love To Hear What Fiskaz Has To Say About The Google Partners Event

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On the 20th of August 2014, Google Partners conducted a Google Analytics workshop at the Trident in BKC, Mumbai. Cardinal Path’s Founding Partner & Principal Consultant, David Booth, conducted the session. David received the 2014 Digital Analytics Association’s Practitioner of the Year Award and is an accomplished Digital Marketer. Having partnered with Google for the better part of a decade he was the ideal choice to bring India’s Digital Agencies up to par on Google Analytics’ more advanced features.

Team Fiskaz was present at the event, represented by Kenneth Hopkins (Founding Director & Creative Head), Karan Bhasin (Digital Content Strategist) and Alisha D’Souza (Digital Marketing Executive). After an enriching session, the team has shared their views on the experience.

Kenneth Hopkins - Founding Director & Creative Head

There’s something I love doing with blog posts on the Fiskaz website and that is saying thank you. As the wise saying goes: ‘You never ever ever stop learning because if you stop learning, you stop growing.’

Very often we feel as if we know it all and that what we don’t know, we can learn along the way. However, if we fall into a bottomless pit by mistake, that’s the end of the trip, isn’t it?

Many businesses and their owners have mentors but for the many others who don’t suffer the privilege, Google has decided to take them under its wing. Dave gave us something that I pride myself at dispensing to the deserved ie; sound, good and valuable advice. There’s nothing like having someone who has walked a road you are on right now and knows where peril lies and where opportunity sits waiting for you to grab it by the hand.

Thanks a million Google. Turns out Dave didn’t just give us a boring crash course in how to optimize Google Analytics, he allowed us to peer into an endless sky of opportunities while subtly nudging us to create them for ourselves.

Karan Bhasin – Digital Content Strategist

I went in thinking I knew Google Analytics in and out but by the end of it I realized just how much more there was to it.

The session certainly opened my eyes to a lot of ways you can play around with Google Analytics to help enhance the data it gives you. David Booth shared quite a few tips and tricks that will certainly come in handy when it comes to sending reports to clients. More importantly, he gave us a glimpse into his journey, which was both motivating and informative. It reminds you that you can’t lose sight of what you really want to do in life and that forgetting about it, even for a moment, is worse than giving up.

I’d like to thank Google as well as David Booth for orchestrating such a wonderful event. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one!

Alisha D’Souza – Digital Marketing Executive

The Google Analytics event that I attended was a useful event. It’s helped show me how to better use Google analytics in business. The event was well organized and I really like the food that was served. The Google Experts ensured that every query I had was swiftly resolved, more than making it a worthwhile endeavor. They were also very polite and approachable when we spoke to them, so much so that they even agreed to get a picture taken with us. David Booth was the speaker of the event. He explained Google Analytics in a way that I could easily understand. I was very impressed with the way David Booth carried out the presentation and took time out to speak to everyone who approached him. All in all, I’ve come out with a better grasp of Google Analytics and much more confidence in dealing with it.

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