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Why do tobacco companies pay for no smoking ads?

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Promotion of cigarettes and tobacco products is not allowed in most parts of the world. However, over the years plenty of tobacco companies have made no smoking ads. In 1998, following a $206 billion settlement, tobacco companies in the USA were asked to provide a fair chunk of money to anti-smoking ads every year.

Philip Morris has been one of the largest anti-smoking advertisers in the USA. They put out a “Think. Don’t Smoke.” Campaign in 1998.

Let’s have a look at some of the more prominent anti-tobacco campaigns worked by the tobacco companies.

Think. Don’t Smoke.


Tobacco is Whacko!


10 O’Clock

Philip Morris has been actively involved in pushing anti-tobacco campaigns over the last decade. While this has been much to the irritation of it’s competitors Lorillard Tobacco Company and R.J Reynolds. However, both of them have been fairly active when it comes to anti-smoking campaigns as well.

Before we start congratulating tobacco companies for taking such a decisive and ‘positive’ stance in anti-tobacco campaigns, we have to take a look at the results of their campaigns.

The American Legacy is an association which is heavily invested in anti-smoking campaigns. In fact, they’ve even worked together with Philip Morris on occasion. The Truth not only advocates anti-tobacco but also aims to educate people on the actual motives that Big Tobacco has with these campaigns.

Recent studies have shown that Philip Morris’ anti-smoking campaigns have resulted in an increase in tobacco use amongst teens. These studies have further shown that the ads made by the US tobacco companies aren’t meant to prevent smoking but only to delay the decision to smoke till the individual turns 18.

Even before these developments came to light, Philip Morris had been under severe pressure to pull their “Think. Don’t Smoke.” campaign with NGOs and health committees, correctly, pointing out that this campaign was not achieving the desired results and was in fact making progress in the wrong direction.

While Big Tobacco has put on a good show over the years, it’s time to take a long hard look and figure out our next step in the Anti-Tobacco battle. It’s clear that Big Tobacco will find a way to work around whatever sanctions are placed on them.

This year, for No Tobacco Day, Fiskaz has put forth several creatives in order to spread awareness about the dangers of tobacco use. Let’s take a short recap of the #QuitToday campaign.

What Renaissance Art Would Have Looked Like After Excessive Tobacco Use:

Popeye the Sailor Man Diagnosed with Cancer:

What’s Better Than Hexing Someone? Offer Them A Cancer Stick


A “Quit” In Time


Pick Your Poison


It’s Better To Live With Regret


Do It For Your Loved Ones




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