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What is organic growth? and Why must your media plan include a generous budget allocation towards it?

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What is Organic?
In terms of Social Media, Organic refers to a community that builds itself around your brand without the need for aggressive sourcing. Organic communities are generally composed of Thought Leaders and Brand Loyalists.

Organic v Inorganic
Inorganic Communities are generally created for a specific reason and tend to stay on one track. On the other hand as Organic Communities spring up on their own and rely entirely on the users for content, they can often feature a variety of styles and see divergence in topics. An Organic Community would rarely bother with self-promotion and instead grow via word of mouth. An Inorganic Community on the other hand would self-promote, often aggressively, using featured accounts and pages or Social Media ads.

Strategy, strategy, strategy…
It costs money. To develop a strategy that is truly effective and leads to sustained Organic Growth you’d have to turn to a skilled strategist. The strategist in turn will put in skilled man-hours, which won’t come cheap. There’s a big difference between man-hours and skilled man-hours, your man-hours become skilled man-hours only after years of education and training have been invested in.

Value of Engagement


Case Study Link - Porsche and Xbox LIVE Shift Brand Engagement into Overdrive:

Content Treatment & Curation

When it comes to an Inorganic Community all the content that goes on would require treatment and curation. This job would typically lean on one person and for him to go over the mountains of content, picking out and processing what goes up can be a massive drain. The constant repetition and hours of labor invested would often leave him saturated and exhausted. A lot of people may play it off as being just another job but in reality it’s an all consuming and ever hungry baby, just waiting to be fed over and over.


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