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Want to make a difference in people’s lives here’s a good way to start.

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PRAYAS Ek Koshish is a movement that started in 2004 working on child rights, youth, HIV AIDS, sexual minorities & human rights in suburbs of Mumbai & villages near Madh.  We have four different projects, which are as follows:

This project aims to reuse items rejected by the rich for the benefit of the needy. Utaran aims to initiate a culture of sustainability and social inclusion through recycling of the items shared by individuals from different sections of the society.

This project also covers Childs Rights which we have doing since inception. Through this project we aim to provide hope, care and support to the deprived children and make them a member of the universal community of sustainable development. We have been collecting clothes, shoes, bags, books, undergarments, watches, household and food items, electronics, et al. We look to provide to people in all stages of life, from new borns to seniors.

  • The items collected are sorted at our end and distributed in the areas that we work. We also maintain regular communication with the families as most of the volunteers come from those communities.
  • We have in-house resources to mend the clothes and make minor repairs or modifications to make the received items reusable.
  • The used books which we get are used to make rough books i.e. using the one sided pages and the blank pages of the books. We also get a lot of storybooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc which are distributed among the students. We have tied up with other organizations working in Mumbai and Thane district to set up libraries at Kurla and Mumbra.
  • The extra or unusable papers are used for making paper bags, which are used for collecting items during the workshops, trainings, et al.
  • From time to time friends have also helped with collection of kitchenware and food that is distributed to the migrant families that we work with.
  • Distribution of items also happens on the geographical and cultural need of the area.

This project works to help sexual minorities get recognition and dignity in society.  We run an advocacy and campaign program to sensitize society on the issues pertaining to them. We have been identifying them and forming groups which will fight for their own rights.

Works with youth rights and sensitizing men on gender issues.  Under this program we conduct several training programs which help the youth understand the human rights issues existing in society and to fight for better tomorrow.

Under this project we work with HIV affected families.
These are the broader projects of the organization.  We have been doing other activities like assisting in dealing with various medical diseases by raising donations individually and through trusts.  We have been providing scholarships to the children, and organizing various human rights programs, independence and republic day, staff trainings, summer camps, children programs, etc.  All the donations are 80g exempted.


We request you and your friends to contribute old useable items such as clothes, shoes, bags, books, undergarments, watches, household and food items, electronics, et al for distribution in the slum communities that we work in.  We collect items that can be used by all, regardless of age.  Since most children passed in SSC and HSC exams we have thought of facilitating them by giving mobiles and watches so if you have old ones, please do contribute.

If you would like to contribute kindly contact Amarjit Singh at 9820214688.

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