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The Concepts That Quantify The User Experience

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  1. Concepts Quantify The User Experience

What is user experience?
The term “ user experience “ refers to placing the end–user as the focal point of design and development efforts, as opposed to the system its applications or the aesthetic value alone. It is based on the general concept of user-centered design.
Branding, usability, functionality and content are the four factors of user experiences




Use of an objective tool:

The objective tool is used to measure, analyze and help your client to get the fact-based recommendations, as a way to measure. The methodology used to explore this is as follows:

  • Remove your personal preferences from the equation as much as possible.
  • Enable people with different backgrounds to have a common understanding of the site.
  • Create ground rules for comparisons of the sites to those of competitors.
  • It gives your client with a fact–based, visual representation of the sites details.

2.     Tool to measure User experience

There are the many organizations that sit at the bottom of the pyramid, having only achieved the first stage.

Stage 1: General knowledge of their online user experience.
Stage 2: Understand user behaviour  and are seeing significant returns on investments.
Stage 3: Influence your users while while the tools have to still adapt. They are the future for user experience to measure.

StagesNeedRecommended ToolsIdeally Suited For…
Stage One
General Knowledge
Provides a basic sense of site or web application performance
  • Hueristics
  • Expert Review
  • Web Hits/Usage Analysis
Getting a big picture sense of performance and major weaknesses
Stage Two
Understand User Behavior
Identify what users are doing and where problems exist
  • User Testing
  • Session Analysis
  • Online Surveys
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
Documenting user behavior and understanding why users are not completing tasks
Stage Three
Your Users
Determine whether a website or application is compelling
  • Eye Tracking
  • Emotion/Trust Measurement
  • Neuro-Marketing
Measuring user thinking to compel and persuade users to act

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