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Popeye the Sailor Man Diagnosed with Cancer

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Eye -> He always has one eye shut. This is just one of the losses in his ongoing
cancer struggle.

Mouth -> Have you heard him speak? The obvious speech impediment is
probably the result of a stroke.

Pipe -> For all the times he has used his pipe to suck in spinach from his can, he
may have ingested lots of carcinogenic reside from the inside of his pipe.

Arm -> Those muscles Popeye flaunts? They’re actually tumors. His prognosis
isn’t looking too good.

Spinach Can -> The reason Popeye is constantly popping spinach is because he’s
Consumption of such high levels of preservatives from eating canned food may
have also deteriorated his heart, liver and kidneys. The preservatives may have
also had a carcinogenic effect.

Body -> For someone who is supposed to be well built, Popeye sure is lanky.
Nicotine kills your appetite.

Groin -> Doesn’t look like Popeye is packing much downstairs. As you know
tobacco use leads to impotency and erectile dysfunction?

Legs -> Do Popeye’s legs look misshapen to you? Have you noticed how he walks
in a fairly odd manner? The answer is simple: Peripheral Arterial Disease due to


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