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“Fiskaz can be an ocean for those who choose to be sponges.” These are the first words I heard upon arriving at Fiskaz, even before anyone said hello to me. I was a bit nervous, just as anyone would be on their first day. But no one made me feel like I was a newbie. I was given the chance to be part of the major work right off the bat, allowing me to express my true potential and feel my work come through so naturally. We often catch ourselves wondering “how will life at work be?” and the way mine has begun at Fiskaz I can’t help but feel excited.

Obviously the team here is a bunch of Digital Marketing nerd wizards. It’s like these guys know everything. They can build ships to set sail to Westeros, explain Quantum Physics and Dark matter, and perhaps even design a more foolproof death star.  Commandment numero uno is If you don’t really know, then Google it“, accepting this as gospel truth is the best thing i could do. This knack of making every thing sound so erudite is irresistibly fascinating and even more so, so very very contagious. The overseas education, work experience and over all exposure to various global ethnicities is very evident and is made visible in the pragmatic work culture at Fiskaz. It could not be clearer that this company is going places and I feel very humbled to be on for the ride and privileged to be allowed to fuel this propulsion. I’ll end this blog which I am overjoyed to have penned, in the words of Aristotle – “Well begun is Half Done”. Signing off to go and wear my precious new war amour and participate in the epic battles of Digital Marketing..

Alisha D’souza - Digital Marketing Executive
The New Girl at Fiskaz, Alisha has the talent and the drive to make an impact with her work. What’s truly awesome though is that she makes it look like it’s as easy as butter & bread.


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