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Fiskaz Presents a Post-Epilogue Harry Potter Fan-Fiction

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Have you wondered what it would be like if the Wizard and Muggle worlds decided to integrate? Social Media would definitely play a big role. After all, Facebook does have a hint of magic to it. Perhaps wizardry has played a role in Muggle inventions and innovations for a much longer period, what if Nicolas Flamel helped Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and other renowned scientists?

Perhaps we’d see other Wizardly Wonders find their way into Muggle society. Weasley’s Wizardly Wheezes would be a hit with one and all. They’d sure want to capitalize by establishing a Digital Presence and an e-commerce platform. It would be a new world for them all and perhaps they would turn to Digital Marketing Agencies to help them out.

On Neville Longbottom’s birthday, we would see one of the first Wizard-Muggle parties as the characters of Harry Potter visit the Fiskaz office to celebrate the birthdays of Neville Longbottom and Amit Mishra.

It won’t be just fun and games though. Neville has been deep in thought and he wonders if maybe things didn’t turn out as rosy as they seem. He wonders whether Harry Potter may have yet another scar following his battle with Lord Voldemort… One a little more sinister in nature.

This August, an agency goes all out as Harry Potter fans to bring to you a post epilogue fan fiction storyline for the Harry Potter series that will pay homage to the post epilogue shorts released by JK Rowling.


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