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Dawn of the Twitter of the Apes

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

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Here are ten apes you can follow on Twitter

#1 – Damn Dirty Ape

Damn Dirty ApeA time travelling ape quite possibly being used to scout out the human competition. Quite likely also afraid of showers.

#2 – Revolt of the Apes

Revolt of the ApesClearly a warning to all of us. Not only is this ape instigating a revolt but he’s also an eater of worlds.

#3 – Dirty Ape

Dirty ApeAn ape with a very human mouth. Don’t let his sophisticated attire fool you, he’s definitely out to get you.

#4 – ApeBook

ApeBookThis ape claims that apes are superior to humans. He’s also trying to sell something apparently. Shady, shady business here folks.

#5 – Atheist Et Cetra

Atheist Et CetraAn atheist ape in a suit who may just be calling a big chunk of our population morons. Quite clearly the President of the movement.

#6 – Punk Monkey

Punk MonkeyOh lord, this one has a gun! It’s begun! Run, run and don’t look back!

#7 – The Rally Monkey

The Rally MonkeyA mascot? I suppose that’s alright. No war has ever had a mascot, right?

#8 – Stoop!d Monkey

Stoop!d MonkeyAdorable! That’s a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! Nothing adorable has ever been dangerous, right?

#9 – Monkey

MonkeyMaybe they aren’t all that bad… he seems alright. I mean it’s not like he’s going to creep up on you while you’re asleep.

#10 – Evil Monkey

Evil MonkeyI don’t know, he seems like one of the good guys to me. Nobody evil ever led to the end of the world, did they?

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