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Bollywood Ladies as Disney Princesses

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Moving from one world to another is one of the things Katrina and Ariel have in common. Apart from that I suppose it wouldn’t be too far fetched to say that we prefer them both without the voice.

Apart from the obvious, both were jilted by Johns, the two can also be seen as Princesses who are open and accepting of the world around them.

These two perceivably clumsy young lasses have both been accused of being a little airheaded at times. They’re both fairly dependent on others though they do chip in a little when they can.

They’re both out for themselves. They’re ambitious young women who are more than willing to do what it takes to find success. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they’re both in love with men who’s father’s may be considered deities.

Yes, they’ve both lived their life as the beauty from Beauty & the Beast. With that out of the way, they both come from modest backgrounds but go on to not only spread joy through their own beauty but bring out the best in those around them as well.

Determined and able, these two words would best describe Priyanka and Snow. They both also find themselves surrounded by an entourage. In Snow’s case it’s the seven dwarves and in Priyanka’s case its pretty much every actor in Bollywood.

More or less a perfect fit. They’re both girls who are out to prove that anything men can do women can do better and both do an exceptionally good job of making their point.

Sarah-Jane-Dias-blog-imageApart from the similarities in their names, Sarah-Jane and Jane both come out of their shells to show they’re wild at heart in Bollywood and the jungle respectively.

Find yourself a frog. Kiss it. You now have a prince. It’s a formula to success that more than one princess has had luck with.

They both have very powerful fathers and they’re both animal lovers.

Which princess do you call when you need to win a fight? Either of these dames will get the job done.

They’ve both seen their share of rags to riches and Nargis would look exquisite in a glass slipper.

We all know that they’re both fairly important people that need to be paid attention to. Unfortunately, neither of them can be seen that often.

Cute, hyperactive and possibly a little geeky, you could see these two getting up to a lot of mischief.

Have you seen Dirty Picture? That should more than explain this one.

Does anything really need to be said about this one? You make sure that no matter what you do, never get on the bad side of these Divas or, you will unleash the beast!


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