7 Simple ways Pharma companies can use Social Media to their benefit

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Before 1. Rep’s In-convened:When Pharma companies send their Sales Rep’s to promote and deliver their products,the Rep’s don’t always find their clients available or reachable to confirm their arrival. Hence they end up wasting precious time, waiting. After 1. Sales More Productive In Nature:Since clients will update their schedule online on a real-time basis,the Sales [...]

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You Will Love To Hear What Fiskaz Has To Say About The Google Partners Event

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10 Reasons You Should Not Close Your Google Analytics Tab On the 20th of August 2014, Google Partners conducted a Google Analytics workshop at the Trident in BKC, Mumbai. Cardinal Path’s Founding Partner & Principal Consultant, David Booth, conducted the session. David received the 2014 Digital Analytics Association’s Practitioner of the Year Award and is [...]


Bollywood Ladies as Disney Princesses

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Disney Princesses In A Different Light Moving from one world to another is one of the things Katrina and Ariel have in common. Apart from that I suppose it wouldn’t be too far fetched to say that we prefer them both without the voice. Apart from the obvious, both were jilted by Johns, the two [...]