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6 Buzzfeed Quizzes Every Digital Marketer Should Take

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Buzzfeed Quizzes have taken over the Internet in plenty of ways. There’s something for everyone there. Aside from the obvious ‘fun’ element, these quizzes can teach you a lot about the Internet populace. If you’re in the marketing field you can gain a lot of insight on your demographics from Buzzfeed Quizzes but did you know that you can learn a lot about yourself and your own aptitude for marketing too? We’ve put together a list of six quizzes that every marketer should take. Give them a whirl to figure out just how in touch you really are.

1) Are You Cool?

Well, are you? Of course you know you’re cool but does Social Media think you’re cool? If nothing else this lighthearted quiz may just give you an idea or two to help you connect with your audience.

2) What Font Are You?

Typography is one of the more important elements in any creatives you put up. You can come up with the best design in the world and ruin it due to a bad font choice. Any marketer worth their salt knows that what you do with words can make or break your campaign. Wouldn’t you like to know whether you’re a winning font or not?

3) Who Said It, Kanye West or a Teenage Girl on Twitter?

In this day and age it’s all about Social Media. Twitter is one of the most widely used Social Media Platforms in the world and has become an integral part of most marketing campaigns. Of course, nothings better for the brand you’re promoting than a celebrity endorsement. This should be an easy one given that you should know your celebrities and your Twitter audiences well enough to discern the differences in their speech. Go on, give it a shot. We won’t judge you.

4) Test Your Internet Knowledge

I’m sure you know your who’s who and what’s what on the Internet but are you ready to put that to the test? On another note, this ‘interactive video quiz’ is a stroke of pure genius. Hopefully we’ll be seeing many more like these.

5) Which Declining Social Media Network Are You?

MySpace? Friendster? Hi5? Where has the time gone? Social Media Networks have come and gone over the years with only a few really showing longevity. As Digital Marketers we’ve seen the best of them and we’ve seen the worst of them. The only question left to ask is, which declining Social Media Network are YOU?

6) Guess The Logo

Bread and butter for any marketer. Go on, do you know all the brands in this quiz?

While these quizzes probably don’t paint the complete picture they may just point you in the right direction when it comes to improving your reach. If nothing else, they’ll at least give you something to laugh about with your colleagues.


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