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5 Yoda Quotes For Jedi Content Strategists To Pay Heed To

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On this Star Wars Day, let’s take a look at what one of the wisest Jedi Master’s has to teach us. Yoda’s sayings can often be ambiguous and some can come across as utter gibberish. However, each of Yoda’s quotes can teach us something depending on how you look at it. If you keep a specific target in mind and look at Yoda’s teachings you’ll find that you can learn a lot about what you set out to. So on this May the Fourth, let’s find out what Yoda has to teach Content Strategists.

 1. “When nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not.” Return of the Jedi
Yoda says this to Luke in Return of the Jedi, perhaps sensing the young hero’s apprehension at Yoda’s world-weary appearance. However, as we all know even at 900 Yoda is more than capable as a Jedi. What this shows a Content Strategist is that their content should not just be skin deep. Not every post you put out will have an equal amount of longevity but a strategically written post with a juicy title and just as juicy content will optimize the ROI from it for as long as it can possibly stay relevant.

2. “Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.” Attack of the Clones
Yoda gives this remarkable pearl when one of his student’s provides the solution to missing planet of Kamino. While there’s a lot that can be taken from this quote, what should you as a Content Strategist infer from it? Well, yes, quite obviously that you should never exclude the thoughts and opinions of others. However, you won’t always have a child handy to solve all your problems and hence you must find and connect with your inner child. You should be able to perfectly understand your audience’s wants and find a way to target them. When you find the wonder of your Id, only then can you reach out and touch those around you.

3. “Named must your fear be before banish it you can.” The Empire Strikes Back
This particular Yoda quote is interesting, not just because of the message but also because it ends with the words ‘you can’. This implies that you can banish your fears, you just need to learn how. However, as a Content Strategist you’d need to look a little deeper to find what you truly need to take from this. While everyone knows to cater to their audience’s likes and wants they often tend to overlook their dislikes. This can often lead to the inclusion of something that may not particularly sit well with your audience, which means that your content will not get the visibility and appreciation it should be. Once you learn both the likes and dislikes only then can you create content that truly defines your target audience.

4. “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” The Empire Strikes Back
These words were spoken to Luke Skywalker before he finally raises the downed X-Wing from the swamp. Your audience wants something conclusive. A lot of content out there can end up being fairly inconclusive, often meant to be finished later on and forgotten about. If you can provide your audience with content that is conclusive and passes on a clear message to your audience only then will you stop trying and do.

5. “If no mistake have you made, yet losing you are … a different game you should play.” Shatterpoint
Not too many casual Star Wars fans would be familiar with this particular gem. It comes from Matthew Stover’s novel Shatterpoint; the start of the Clone Wars novel series. Content Strategists pay heed to this one. If you fall in love with your idea and start thinking of it as perfect you’re closing yourself off to a whole world of possibility. No matter how great you think your idea may be your audience won’t necessarily agree. Pay attention to the analytics, pay attention to your audience and be open to change. If not then you may find yourself wondering where you went wrong.

Content Strategists can be compared to Jedi in the way they can use their content (the Force) to influence the world around them. So with that said, who better to guide them than arguably the most influential Jedi Master, Yoda. Take what you can from his teachings and enjoy Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you!



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