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5 Ways The New Facebook Algorithm Will Affect Us All

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Facebook Algoritham

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Facebook has made another change in the algorithm that determines what people see in the News Feed. The goal of the new news feed is to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time, so that they don’t miss the stories that are important to them. This is the 3rd major change in the Facebook algorithm in the past few months.

The News Feed algorithm responds to signals that include:

  • How often you interact with  your friends’ profiles, or public pages (like an actor’s, journalist’s, brands and so on)
  • The number of likes, comments and shares a post receives from the world and friends in particular
  • How you interacted with this type of post in the past

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Check out some of the new Facebook Algorithms.

5  New Facebook Algorithms:

  1. If you’re using Facebook for lead generation, you need to make sure that every post counts: With the new feature which resurfaces old posts that you may have “missed” to the top of the New Feed, you may have more opportunities for the content to reach your Fans. 
  2. But if your Facebook  post flops down, you will have to make more changes to get it right: On the flip side, if the content isn’t performing as well, it will be pushed down much more quickly. If you need the content to stay visible you need it to perform well fast to stay on the News Feed.
  3. News Feed does not allow you to post  rapid consecutive updates, so you would need to have a proper balance in your Facebook posting schedule: Once Facebook gets this feature in place, then the flow of updates will  be grouped together in the News Feed that means your individual post engagement will decrease. With this feature you will need to monitor your posting frequency to make sure you’re not posting too much. The good news about the overall algorithm update is that it won’t let people post spam updates as it would get removed from the News Feed .
  4. To get Impression based metrics: Engagement is King. The algorithm is a huge indication of the core metric that Facebook Values: Engagement.  While “post reach” is an interesting metric you may want to keep an eye on, Facebook seems to care more about people actually interacting with your Facebook content. This can help small businesses who have a presence on Facebook.
  5. Work effectively on Facebook advertising to increase engagement: If you don’t have a good fan engagement with your page you might want to consider testing Facebook Ads. It will help you reach a new audience and increase engagement.

With all the changes taking place you need to test what works well for your Company Page with your Fans. What works in one business could completely fail in the other. So with the right analysis and implementation, you’ll start increasing your Facebook engagement and leads in no time!

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