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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t DIY Your Website

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Every brand needs a strong Digital Presence and a website is your strongest force in that respect. Your website is your first point of contact with your target audience and it really needs to do a good enough job of captivating them. If your website can’t hold your audience then the leads it may generate won’t lead to increased footfall. That’s definitely not an ideal scenario for your ROI.

Maybe you think you can cut costs by making your own website. Building a website is easy, true, but building a good website is anything but easy. You could probably have a website up with your name and phone number in no time but ask yourself, would you take a business seriously if their website was just a single page with just their name and number? Would you want to give your money to them? In the long run, a professionally built website will be the biggest boon your business could ever ask for.

Not convinced? Here are five reasons not to DIY your website.

Increase Your Visibility

If you want your website to be found online then you’re going to have to handle Search Engine Optimization. Most agencies would provide basic SEO as part of your website creation bundle, ensuring that you turn up more prominently in search engines. If you set out to do it yourself, you may get a few things right but you’d get a lot more things wrong, adversely impacting your website’s visibility.

Look the Part

The first thing people will notice on your website is it’s design. If you have a haphazard or amateur design you can be certain that your bounce rate will be much higher than the norm. It would also see a lower number of returning users simply because of how forgettable it is. An agency would provide dedicated design services in addition to the website creation, ensuring your website not only looks good but also stands out from the crowd.

Keep Them Hooked

Interactivity is a big deal and it forms a big part of UX. If there isn’t much content for your users to interact with or if your entire website is just one static block, you’re not going to garner much interest. It may serve it’s purpose but you’ll be missing out on a lot of Organic recommendations. It also reduces the chances of someone outside your primary audience from being converted since they simply won’t spend enough time on your website even if they do visit it. An agency would know exactly what needs to go up and how it needs to be showcased to rope in your audience.

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Let’s face it, even if you do have the know how you’re unlikely to have the time to devote to building your business website the way it deserves to be made. There’ll be several instances where you’d want to do something different only to find that it’s going to require you to put in more hours than you can realistically spare. At an agency though you have a dedicated team working on your website, ensuring that every last detail of yours is catered to.

The Experts Always Know Best

Would you fly a plane from India to the US? Would you perform surgery on yourself? Would you build your own office? No, you’d definitely call in the experts for that. A website is exactly the same. An agency has technically skilled web developers who can tailor a website to suit your business needs while keeping it abreast of relevant trends. An agency would also ensure your website doesn’t just work but looks good too.

All said and done you’ll be in a better place if you have your website professionally made by an agency. Your website will look good, it’ll maintain a professional air and importantly help maximize your visibility and optimize your ROI.

While you’re at it, why not consider outsourcing your Digital Marketing to an agency as well?

For more information on what Fiskaz Digital Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd can do for your business, check our Services page.

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