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5 Reasons Why Modi’s Victory Means More Traffic to Your Website

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Narender Modi has been very active on Social Media and on the internet throughout his campaign. In fact, the role played by Social Media in his political campaign has been widely publicized. “This is the first election where social media has assumed an important role and the importance of this medium and will only increase in the years to come. It became a direct means of information and gave us the much needed local pulse.” Mr Modi wrote in his blog just before the results were announced.

This was not just a one off. The buzz around India’s ‘Social Media’ election has been massive and it will surely translate into a big part of the new government’s policy. How does this affect your business? For one, it’s going to give you a chance to make a splash almost as big as our new Prime Minister has on the Internet.

Number of Internet Users in India

As per the Internet and Mobile Association of India there are approximately 80 million Internet users in India. While this may look like a small portion of the population it’s important to note that these are the people who helped Mr Modi win and you would do well to reach out and get them to visit your site. If they could play such a decisive role in the elections then they could certainly help boost your digital presence.

e-Nagar Project

Earlier this year, while still serving as Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, oversaw the launch of e-Nagar. It is an initiative which aims to bring free wifi to Gujarat amongst other services like up to date bus timings, e-governance apps and e-ward services. This isn’t an isolated incident, Bangalore and Bihar too have set up free Wi-Fi Zones.

Wi-Fi for India

Now that Narendra Modi is Prime Minister it remains to be seen how much of Gujarat’s development he can replicate on a larger scale. He’s certainly wasting no time as his government has already started preparing an action plan, as part of their 100 day plan, with the Department of Telecom to provide Wi-Fi in public places in urban and commercial areas. This means that more Indians are going to get online even while on the go.


Narendra Modi has more than proven that he speaks the language of the younger generation of India when it comes to technology. Apart from his presence on Social Media, he has put in place several initiatives to streamline government processes online. Now that he is in power at the center it’s only a matter of time before majority of interactions between the government and citizens takes place online. This naturally means more web traffic which could lead to a massive boost in your website’s traffic.

Affordable Smart Phones

While affordable smart phones may have come into the market well before Modi did. However, Modi’s government plans to revamp the Indian economy, which may just lead to these prices dropping. This would mean that even more people would be able to afford smartphones. Coupled with free Wi-Fi it promises a massive boost in Indians coming online.

It’s very likely that a new wave of Internet users in India is going to crop up, pushing the existing number much higher than it stands. What does this mean for a business or a brand? Well, improving their digital presence is now an urgent necessity. Ensuring that you’re visible to the new wave of users and the reinvigorated existing users is a must and failure to do so could just result in bad turn for your firm.

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