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5 Free Services Fiskaz offers your business

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1. Blog Write-Up
You can kick-off your journey into the blogosphere by sending us your articles to publish on our blog. You can express yourself with literature and pictures. The best part about this free service is that, you don’t have to worry about constantly posting on your personal blog and losing viewers when unable to post for a while. Our blog is under the radar of innumerable readers and your viewers won’t be lost over time.

2. SEO Analysis
We analyze and check the performance of your website to find out if your website is falling under the radar of search engines. Now, here’s why you need SEO:
Firstly, SEO increases your website ranking in search engine results. You want your site to show up in the first page of a search engine like Google Search. Once your site is visible on the first list of search engine results, there’ll automatically be an increase in website traffic, since everyone uses search engines to look up stuff online and users mostly only visit the links which appear on the first page of every search engine. Rarely do they migrate off to the rest of the pages.SEO also has a high impact on directing the right users to your site, since people know what they’re searching for, SEO helps them smoothly connect to your website, therein increasing your traffic.

3. UX Analysis
Web is not only becoming more ubiquitous every passing day, but it’s also becoming more complex and new features are being added every other day. Hence if you want users to give your website a second glance and keep coming back for more , we will do a complete UX Analysis of your website and point out where you’re lagging behind.

4. 5 Free E-mail Blast Campaigns
In order to acquire more business, u’ll need to send email blast campaigns to the carefully segmented audience/clients. We offer 5 free E-mail Blast Campaigns for you. This way you’ll acquire potential clients and convert them to permanent ones in no time.

5. Online Reputation Analysis
Since the internet and social media have become very popular in this day and age, people now focus on the most popular brands and websites and their respective review sites. We will analyze the reputation of your website and make you aware of what your consumers think of you i.e. if they like/dislike the products/services that you offer. In short, we will help you perceive the dominant sentiment of consumers towards your brand. Basis on that information, you can make suitable/required/needful changes to your website.

So, whatcha waiting for? Avail our FREE services right away and let us help your website clinch top spot in the Digital World!

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