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4 Facebook Fails to Take Into Account When Planning a Digital Marketing Campaign

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There is no denying that Facebook is one of the biggest Social Media platforms to date. It is constantly evolving and has a very widespread reach. Facebook is not without it’s faults though. In fact, there have been plenty of instances when users who have discovered flaws in security or Facebook’s interface have been paid big sums of money or directly hired by Facebook.

As a Digital Marketer, however, you don’t have the luxury to wait on Facebook to make the fixes they need to. Listed below are a few things to pay attention to when running a campaign on Facebook.

Facebook Apps

Facebook allows you to create apps when using it on a web browser. Several brands have already taken advantage of this. McDonald’s India has created an app for their Facebook page that gives users the chance of winning free meals. However, these apps are not available when using Facebook on a smartphone. Given that a large chunk of your audience would be viewing your content on the go, you wouldn’t want to cut them off from such a big part of your campaign.

Custom Thumbnails for Links

When you share a link on Facebook you’re offered a few choices for your thumbnail. These choices aren’t always appropriate because they may not necessarily fit the content. Facebook does, however, offer you the ability to upload a custom thumbnail, which, unfortunately, must be used with a thumbnail from the page linked as well. Their option to remove thumbnail will remove your custom well as well as their selections. While there are ways to work around this, it would require backend knowledge of web dev.

Why Graph Search Isn’t Live

A lot of users are excited about the potential of Graph Search. In fact, it definitely has benefits for marketers. It allows you to apply conditions to your search, even letting you search for keywords posted in specific areas. However, a lot of early users are reporting problems with the searches. One in particular is that they are unable to find more recent results, with most of their results being over 24 hours old. While obviously not a factor that affects all (as Graph Search is still in closed beta) if you do have access to Graph Search, please do double check the timestamps on your results.

Retrieving Promoted Posts

Another bug that doesn’t affect us all as it’s again a part of Graph Search. You may have to promote posts during your campaigns. However, let’s say you want to pull up a list of all promoted posts. In a big campaign you may have a lot of these posts and as things stand if you do run a search to collate the data on all promoted posts Facebook will return an error. Facebook Support’s stance on the issue is for users to retrieve smaller amounts of data while not actually telling you what these smaller amounts are.

These are just a few of the things you have to take into consideration when planning a marketing campaign on Facebook. There will be plenty more bugs that pop up as Facebook continues to update and grow. It doesn’t hurt to keep an eye out on the bugs page to ensure that you’re abreast of all the potential pitfalls and roadblocks.




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