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10 Reasons You Should Not Close Your Google Analytics Tab

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Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools on the internet. Once you have your website up and running you need to know what sort of response you’re getting from your target audience. This becomes even more important if you’re running ads or have an e-commerce setup. Google Analytics is an effective and efficient way to track your site’s goals and your ad performances. If you don’t already keep a watchful eye on Google Analytics then these 10 reasons will definitely sway your opinion.

The Importance of Metrics
Metrics are exceptionally important. It helps you keep track of where your visitors are coming from and which pages they’re engaging with. It gives you a good idea of what you can do to improve your website and what you can do to better engage your customers.

Know Your Audience & Where They Come From
Using Google Analytics’ Keywords and Referrals tabs you can learn a lot about the kind of audience you’re attracting and how they found your site. You can see what keywords consistently lead to your site and track how much traffic your social media platforms and partner sites are bringing in. It’s a great way to help you strategize how best to focus your campaigns to bring in the best returns.

Don’t Lose Out On Customers
Google Analytics can show you exactly which pages your users drop off from. If you’ve got a high volume of users dropping off from a specific page then you can safely assume that there’s something on that page that doesn’t sit well with your users. You may even notice that you have a lot of drop offs on your landing page. This information can help you decide whether you need a complete website overhaul or just a few minor UX enhancements.

Easier Reports
If you are handling Google Analytics for a client then they’d certainly want reports. Google Analytics makes your life a lot simpler. You can export whatever data you’d like, making it a lot easier to compile a report. You can even automate the process, instructing Analytics to send out reports to the people you want, on the days you pick with the information you choose.

Real Time Analytics
One of the major advantages of using Google Analytics is that all your reports are in real time. This gives you the ability to make changes on the fly based on the reaction of your audience. If you put out a small campaign but notice it has immediate results, you can give it a boost while it’s still fresh to get the most out of it. Real time analytics means real time optimization.

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Its Easy To Use
Another big plus to Google Analytics is how easy it is to use.  It has a simple set up, followed by an easy to understand interface. Your dashboard gives you a lot of useful data up front. While the true worth of Google Analytics comes from its more advanced features, you’ll be able to figure out the basics and get started pretty much right off the bat.

Track Your Goals
As good as Analytics are, they can’t actually tell you whether you’re hitting your goals, can it? Actually, it totally can.  You can define what your goals are on Google Analytics, whether it’s page visits, a certain duration on a page (often used for e-commerce), social media shares, video views, ad clicks and several other options. With this information Google Analytics can give you a nifty report on which source gives you the best conversions and helps you decide where you should focus your efforts.

Integration with Google Adsense
Google Analytics can give you an insight to the progress of your Google Adsense.It gives you a detailed view of your Adsense revenue and how the ads are fairing with your site’s audience. If you aren’t getting a response on a certain topic but you are on others then you can choose to have the others boosted.

Integration with Google Adwords
You can create an advanced Google Analytics Page to report on your AdWords campaigns. You can customize this option quite a bit and even have it show you only failed campaigns or campaigns above a certain level of conversion. This helps give you a much better look at what’s working for you and what isn’t.

Best Of All…
…It’s free! While there is a Premium version of Analytics offered in certain countries, you can use the free version of Google Analytics to do absolutely everything you need.

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