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10 Reasons to outsource your Digital Marketing to an Agency

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Digital Marketing is an obvious necessity in the Modern Business World. However, a lot of firms are still on the fence when it comes to execution. Some may contract freelancers, some may look in house to get the job done and others may outsource their Digital Marketing to a Digital Marketing Agency. How do you know which option is right though?

If Mad Men has taught us anything it is that the most obvious reason to choose an agency over a freelancer or an in house personnel is the top notch treatment and freebies that your accounts manager, or as referred to in contemporary times ‘Relationship Manager’, will ensure you get. The below list will put forth a few of the reasons that an agency will not just work better for you but also why the overall experience will be a lot smoother and satisfactory.

1) Call In The Experts

While a freelance or your in house personnel may have the required skillsets          to cover all the areas themselves; they will ultimately just be the Jack-of-All-Trades. However, with an agency you’re guaranteed to be served by experts in each area.

2) Better Infrastructure, Better Budgeting

A Digital Marketing Agency would undoubtedly have a better infrastructure in place, which would enable them to quote accurate budgets and stay within them. Whereas a freelancer working from home would undoubtedly face infrastructure challenges which could lead to a tougher time managing budgets.

3) Maximize Utilization of Tools

Even if the right tools are made available to freelancers and in house personnel they may not have the right know how or the right amount of time to get the most out of it. At an agency where the staff is trained in the various tools required, they will be able to optimize utilization and bring forth the best results.

4) Do Away With Overheads

When you task your in house personnel to Digital Marketing you will be increasing your overhead. However, contracting a Digital Marketing Agency would do away with your overhead.

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5) Bigger & Better Networks

One of the biggest advantages of going to an agency would be their network of vendors. An agency would quite obviously have established a wider range of different tier members when compared to a freelancer or in house personnel.

6) The Many Perks

Not only would Digital Marketing agencies take away your overheads but they will also make several goodwill gestures towards your firm and will go over and above the call of duty to ensure your brand gets the treatment it deserves.

7) Make The Most of Visibility

Digital Marketing agencies are in the business of not only giving your firm the maximum exposure possible but also provide useful market insights that can help your brand get better recognition with the demographics you want.

8) Higher Output, Lesser Time Span

While a freelancer can only provide a singular focus an agency will be able to give you a multi focus approach. An agency would definitely give you a higher output within a short span of time while a freelancer would only be able to provide you with a highly limited output.

9) More Research, Guaranteed Results

Agencies are constantly finding ways to step up their game and improve their results. They can dedicate a part of the staff to carry out in depth research which cuts down on the time spent planning an approach and ensures your results just keep getting better and better. Your in house personnel or a freelancer would not have the liberty to dedicate man-hours to comprehensive research, which could see them stagnate in the long run.

10) Better Bottom Line

At the end of the day it’s about the Return of Investment for your business. An agency appreciates and understands this, dedicating personnel to optimizing and staying within the budgets. This ensures your business gets higher ROIs when working with an agency.

While there are several more reasons why you should work with a Digital Marketing Agency, the ones listed here should give you a clearer picture. The care, commitment and meticulousness you will receive from an agency will be hard to replicate when you’ve contracted a freelancer or even from your own in house personnel. Digital Marketing agencies are out there to not only make things easier for you but also to make things better for you.

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